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The Brillstein ERTs, Emergency Rescue Teams are special operations teams with the capability to conduct operations in any environment or theatre, any time, anywhere in the world. The teams constist of former members of elite SpecOps units from around the world, all with actual field experience. All team members have further been EUBSA trained, our instructors are ex-officers from elite units (military and civil, various sectors of the security world) and provide for high level professional SpeOps training and more.

But ERTs are more than "just" another private military type special forces. ERTs are undercover investigatiors, intelligence/counter-intel experts, trained medics, security and crisis managers, top notch close protection experts, crisis negotiators and expert rescue specialists. ERT members are some of the most elite specialist in the international private security sector in the world.

The ERT BLUE LIGHT UNIT is highly-covert special unit to test security measures and security teams, not only BSG teams, but security teams from any companies and security companies. The Blue Light Unit simulates realistic terrorist attacks and similar threats and will attack seemingly secured premises with extreme means in order to test the security. This special ERT unit, comprising of ERT top warriors, puts security to a REAL test. For any company security manager, it is imperative to REALLY know if the security put in place really works - even against aggressive and skilled attackers. External tests by experts (and NOT an internal test by the same security firm or team that acutally provides the security!) are simpy mandatory.  External tests are a must.  We can help you find out, if your security team is worth the money you are paying! Most important: we'll find out, if you even HAVE the kind of security you and your company need"

While the main task of the BLUE LIGHT UNIT is penetration and security testing, the members of this unit still work (from time to time at least) in the regular ERTs and take part in crisis intervention, ERT assignments or rescue missions. This is very important in order to stay up to date with all development in the field of high-risk security.

From high-risk security and protective services, to undercover investigation or intelligence ops, to anti-piracy operation, returning stolen or robbed property, immediate action upon any crisis situation - even when official forces will not help, all the way to rescue missions. If you need high grade security specialists, ERTs are your no. 1 choice!

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BRILLSTEIN also offers an 22-month-study program course to become a  Private Military Officer (PMO) plus Special Operations 6 week seminar - Course content includes:

  • On Scene Initial Responsibilities
  • Command Element and Control
  • Setting up a Perimeter
  • Area Containment
  • Personnel Evacuation
  • Movement to the Threat
  • Immediate Action Drill (4-Person Team)
  • Room Clearing Techniques
  • Penetration Flood
  • Read Method
  • Hallway Security
  • Arrest Teams
  • Rescue Teams
  • E.O.D. Response / Improvised Explosive Device (I.E.D.)
  • Realistic Scenario Training

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